сряда, 15 май 2013 г.

1200/365 Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - Май 2013

Успях с агитацията само Ина да се включи в инициативата Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. И като няма друг и от този блог ще участвам.
Освен перуники и ириси през май има много розови цветя, което съвпада с цветът на пролетта.
Оксалис (oxalis), трилистен, цъфтящ розово

Кандилка (Aquilegia)

Албум с розови цветя във фейсбук.

Карамфил с дребни цветове (Dianthus)

Кученце (Antirrhinum)

Божур / Peony

Мак (Papaver), от маковете на Мария

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  1. Hello, I found you through GBBD, so many lovely pink flowers you have :-) I love your peony, gorgeous colour. I live in London and we have had a very cold winter and spring so here everything is very late, up to 6-8 weeks later than normal! My peonies are only tiny buds and I have no roses or rhododendrons yet, normally they start to flower in April. But we are getting there, slowly. It is still cold here, but towards the end of May we might get a bit warmer weather which will help.

    Have a great week-end, from Helene.

    1. Here is 2-3 weeks in advance than in London usualy. Now it will be green for a long time before summer.

  2. Beautiful blooms! I love that pink Oxalis...it's one of my favorite plants...especially since it blooms for such a long time! Happy Bloom Day!